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Expedition truck 4x4

Are you dreaming of a long journey into the unknown? We want to offer you an experience that combines a sense of freedom and independence with an exciting trip to the farthest corners of the world – even the most inaccessible ones. Enjoy autonomy and full comfort while discovering new places around the globe. It’s time for the adventure of a lifetime!


Just imagine a fully autonomous expedition truck that ensures full comfort, regardless of the type and length of a route or chosen direction. Imagine that it was all complemented by innovative solutions that guarantee the highest level of safety for all travellers. It is the highest quality of workmanship and comfort of travelling that make up the idea of modern caravanning offered by Azimoo.

Get to know one of our BOX Azimoo Tepui containter better
and see how amazing your trip can be.



box BOX for each 4x4 expedition truck
engineering projects and analysis

Our vehicles are created for all the enthusiasts who seek new adventures and who are passionate about exploring new places. If you are tempted by a vision of new, travel adventures, learn about our customization options. Thanks to them, Azimoo residential BOX can be tailored to your individual needs.

We create advanced expedition vehicles as well as modern, fully-equipped BOXes suitable for being mounted on a truck chassis. What does it mean for the user? It ensures the best travel experience along with all the amenities necessary on the road, including a reinforced BOX structure and protection against heat or cold loss.

Azimoo Expedition Objectives

Azimoo’s goal is to make sure that the residential container we provide you with is exactly tailored to your requirements. For this purpose, we have developed various designs of the BOXes in different sizes, interior arrangement and size of the following zones: storage, living space, bedroom as well as kitchen and bathroom. Thanks to such a wide selection of options you will be able to choose a container in the right size for almost every truck. You can also order a BOX together with a truck from us. We are also happy to advise you on choosing and buying a truck on your own.

Expedition container independence
azimoo box

When traveling into the unknown, independence is what counts most. We know that when staying outside the campsites, full autonomy can only be ensured with free access to electricity, water, and good connectivity with the outside world.

azimoo box – Electrical self-sufficiency of expedition containers

The BOXes are equipped with 3 power sources – solar panels, an alternator and a power generator. Thanks to capacious batteries, the configuration of the above-mentioned solutions, with moderate cloudiness, ensures uninterrupted access to electricity. If you were to stop at a campsite, there is also a power connection available. Each Azimoo BOX is equipped with large white and grey water tanks, thanks to which you can enjoy cooking without constraints as well as comfortably use the bathroom.

azimoo box – reliable connection to the world of 4×4 truck containers

You also need good connectivity to enjoy your independence. We believe that uninterrupted access to the Internet is currently one of the basic needs that must be taken care of while travelling. Perhaps, you may be willing to work during your trip or you want to stay in touch with your loved ones – we took care of it. Depending on your needs, the motorhome can be supplemented with several connectivity solutions, such as: LTE router or satellite Internet. Internet access is an important element for comfort, but also for a sense of security, regardless of the situation.

Expedition Container Security
Azimoo box

Is free exploring the World your dream? Do you want to experience the atmosphere of places that you have only read about so far? Are you getting ready for a trip around the world and an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime? Your wanderlust will lead you to the locations you dream about – however, we emphasize that it should always go hand in hand with safety.

azimoo-box – Increased security of a container for a 4×4 truck

We want the experience we offer to be as comfortable and safe as possible, which is perfectly reflected in the design of each of the units. The container is connected to the truck’s cab. The cab can be entered through a security door that can only be opened from the inside of the container. We resigned from permanently mounted external ladders and made sure that the vehicle windows were placed as high as possible to provide you with a peaceful travel experience. In addition, Azimoo containers are also equipped with a modern infrared web camera system, which can be accessed via application. Whenever you want to check what is happening in the vicinity of your motorhome, you can do it quickly, remotely and with no need to get out of the vehicle.

azimoo box – modern camera system for an expedition vehicle

The possibility of uninterrupted communication with the rest of the world is another guarantee of security. The constant satellite or router connectivity not only ensures access to the Internet, but also allows you to quickly contact whoever you want.

Living comfort in an expedition container
azimoo box

Modern off-road exploring does not mean giving up the amenities we use every day. On the contrary – having decided to set off on a journey, you can enjoy new adventures while staying in a perfectly designed environment of a personalized housing container.

Azimoo Box – increased capacity of expedition containers

Comfort of travelling will be ensured, among others, by capacious cargo space, divided into numerous compartments and boxes, which you can access both from the outside and from the inside of the vehicle. Interior installation and the exact arrangement of space can be designed according to your needs. An off-road motorhome can turn into a functional campsite thanks to carefully thought-out solutions. All of the above will allow you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the place in which you decide to stay.

Azimoo box – well thought-out and functional expedition container

We took care of every detail – from easy access to electricity, through the appropriate arrangement of electrical sockets together with USB sockets, through lighting in each zone to the design of the kitchen. Cooking enthusiasts have at their disposal an outdoor kitchen with a 270 ° fold-out awning and a huge amount of work space. Passengers can also use an external bathroom. There is a roof hatch directly above the sleeping area. Thanks to this solution you can comfortably enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the surrounding nature from the rooftop.

High-quality containers for 4x4 trucks
Azimoo box

We want you to know that your off-road motorhome is designed to survive the hardships of any journey. Attention to detail is extremely important to us since we know that it determines the comfort of movement as well as the functionality of the proposed solutions.

Azimoo box – individually equipped expedition containers

The design of each BOX offers wide customization possibilities, so you can be sure that our designers will include all the elements you care about in the final product. The interior is finished with a wooden veneer, and the walls are covered with a pleasant-to-touch material that creates an impression of coziness. We rely on high-quality glass windows with built-in shutters and mosquito nets, which provide perfect protection against heat (or cold) loss inside the container.

We took utmost care to equip the BOXes with the highest quality accessories, which we selected especially for the most demanding customers. It is the icing on the cake, which makes the entire finish complete and provides users with full functionality.

azimoo box - deqre Shield

We focus primarily on durability and high quality of our containers resulting in higher comfort of off-road travelling. That is why we created DEQRE SHIELD. It is our proprietary technology that was developed in order to provide each Azimoo residential container with the best thermals, durability and low weight parameters, regardless of the type of route or a climate zone you are in.

Azimoo box – Temperature distribution in expedition containers

DEQRE SHIELD is a unique material created especially for AZIMOO containers. Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties, it is possible to maintain an optimal temperature inside the vehicle – both during cold winters and tropical heat. Our unique system of connecting the walls of the container prevents internal heat loss. We applied a similar solution to the floor. Thanks to this, the entire structure is devoid of the so-called “thermal bridges”.


Azimoo box – Stress distribution in expedition containers

DEQRE SHIELD walls are designed in such a way as to withstand the greatest possible stress while driving. The entire structure of the unit is therefore perfectly suitable for the requirements of the off-road exploring, i.e. unpaved and bumpy roads. At the same time, we made sure that the increased durability goes hand in hand with the low weight of the container. As a result, the structure remained relatively light, and at the same time resistant to damage and any other surprises that can come up during an off-road trip.