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Flag of Poland
Świętojańska 45 / 17
81-391 Gdynia
NIP 586-236-25-54
Regon 387682086
Dealer Germany:
Ello Gmbh & Co. KG
Mark Ballnaus
mobile: +49 (0) 2857 807 60 80
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 115a
46485 Wesel

Dealer Switzerland: – Offroad-Tuning
Tom Strahm
mobile: +41 76 465 14 00
Schachenstrasse 24
3436 Zollbrück

Sales representative United Kingdom:

Monika Bankowska
mobile: +48 692 400 846
ul. Świętojańska 45/17
81-391 Gdynia

Dealer USA:

US Overland Americas
Daniel Loza
Cell +1-215-900-1722

Analia Loza
Cell +1-267-246-1928

9200 Academy Road
Philadelphia, PA, 19114

    Modern travelling according to AZIMOO

    Are you looking for ways to realize your dreams about an unforgettable trip around the world? Are you tempted by an idea of vacation away from the crowds, where you could enjoy the blissful silence, peace and independence? Perhaps you are dreaming of exploring exotic places that have seemed out of reach so far? As Azimoo creators, we know what steps must be taken to be able to follow your travelling passion. We want to offer you the opportunity to travel on your own terms – without undue constraints and compromises.

    Azimoo implements a vision of modern caravanning which is characterized by a sense of full safety, comfort and reliability. It is up to us to make all your dreams about the journey of a lifetime come true. We offer you a unique experience based on autonomy and high standard of:

    • safety,
    • comfort,
    • reliability,
    • finishing of all details.

    You can reach new places and get to know their unique atmosphere while travelling in a vehicle perfectly tailored to your needs.


    What does Azimoo offer?

    Our projects reflect a vision of a vehicle suitable for travelling even to the farthest corners of the world – regardless of the weather or the type of route you need to traverse.

    Azimoo products are inspired by the need for freedom and independence. This is how the concept of customized off-road vehicles was born. Our vehicles offer the possibility of travelling all over the world for those who didn’t have such an opportunity before, as well as for everyone eager for new adventures.

    Azimoo offers both top-class expedition trucks and customized residential BOXes, fully equipped with furniture, electronics and accessories that will allow you to travel in a comfortable and self-sufficient way. This is an innovative solution created for enthusiasts of travelling and caravanning. We offer a wide selection of motorhomes or Azimoo BOXes, well suited to the vehicle you already have. Each product is made on individual order.

    We propose choosing a ready-made expedition truck with a container. Depending on how you like to travel, you can choose either a version for two passengers or for a larger group of travellers.

    If you already own a truck, we are happy to help you choose a suitably large housing container for it. AZIMOO BOX is available in six different sizes (from XS to XXL) and in several versions of the arrangement of individual zones: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and storage space. Each AZIMOO BOX is designed to be compatible with the chassis of most trucks from brands such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, MAN and others. Thanks to that, it will not be a problem to match the container to the vehicle.

    Travelling is a constant broadening of your horizons and discovering new, intriguing aspects of life. We highly value your experience – we are always curious about it. At the same time, we want to share our expertise that we have gathered through our own expeditions and contact with other enthusiasts of unrestricted travel. Therefore, we offer advice on the choice of the truck itself and the size of the container that will best suit your specific needs. We will do our best to answer all your questions so that each stage of placing an order and its implementation are fully transparent.


    Why is it worth relying on Azimoo quality?

    What makes our products unique is attention to detail and individual approach to every order. We are fully aware that the design of the vehicles for long-distance adventures must meet the needs of their future users. Our goal is therefore a harmonious combination of two spheres: exciting and comfortable caravanning as well as safety – no matter where you go.

    Azimoo expedition trucks are distinguished by their innovative design and reliability. We managed to achieve these features thanks to the application of our proprietary technologies. They influence increased durability and thermal insulation properties of the BOXes. We have also trusted the quality of the solutions offered by leading brands specializing in manufacturing the equipment and the interiors of motorhomes.

    We know that AZIMOO BOX can impress with its functionality, only when it is tailored to the preferences of the people who are going to use it. Precise customization is what we pay special attention to in the process of preparing residential containers. Our designers make a great effort to ensure that every detail inside the container is well thought out and refined. All of it contributes to the fact that the interior is distinguished by utility and top-quality finish, which will prove to be a valuable support while travelling to the most distant places of the world.

    The most important feature of our expedition trucks is their usability. The equipment available on board is designed specifically to guarantee you a sense of security and autonomy – regardless of the situation. With Azimoo you can stay wherever you want: without having to worry about electricity, clean water or the Internet. We made sure that the journey of your dreams runs smoothly.

    We focus on high-quality materials, which are resistant to damage, but at the same time, sensuous and aesthetic. The space inside the container is fully used and managed, but it is arranged in such a way that navigation between individual zones is comfortable and intuitive. We took care of every element of the construction: from the arrangement of the available lighting points to the possibility of adapting the interior during the guests’ visit. This is all to provide you with maximum comfort while overcoming the wilderness and caravanning with your loved ones.